Ok, I found out about this sight where you can design and print your own fabric. They have a blog too where they showcase other designs. I think you can order those designs too. You can also buy a test square to see if you really like the design you have made. How great is that! I have had this long dilemna of finding throw pillows for my bedroom. I want the fabric to have carmel, a little black, white, with a punch of grassy green. I also want it to be modern looking. I thought I found something on Etsy but it didn't work out. Well there is nothing like that at the fabric stores either. I think this would be so fun to really customize a look. The only thing I would have to do is actually sew the pillow after I get the fabric. In the office there is a pile of clothes to fix that has been there for a good year. Hmmm, maybe I should work on that. I also think this would be so fun for special occations too. Here's the link:

Here is another amazing site that I love! This girl has great recipes and crafty ideas! She is based out of Portland, love that place :) . I saw this cute idea that I have to make with my girls. I think these would be cute to make with the young woman at church. I might want to wear one too :)

Are't those crazy cute! She said they were super easy and inexpensive too. I guess there are similiar ones at J. Crew Kids. Here is the link for that.
Leigh Anne had originally seen them on this site which is pretty cute too!


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