I love Ali Edwards blog! The other day she had a post about creative fear. I had never thought of it like that. Here is a little of what she said:

What are we afraid of in our creative lives?

1. Messing up.
2. Thinking this is the one and only chance to tell this story so it simply must be perfect.
3. People not appreciating what we create.
4. Being seen as selfish or extravagant for indulging yourself in your creative endeavor.
5. Not getting anything done.

I totally feel like I have to get it perfect! I defiantly want to be a perfectionist. I gave up being a perfectionist mother a while ago. I was going nuts! I realized that my house will never be really clean or even somewhat clean. Someones hair is going to be messy no matter if I fixed it or we totally don't have time to check out each kid before they walk out the door. I never wanted to have a messy kid in public! I realized that my van will usually be another source of food storage because there are always snacks and crumbs in there enough to feed a starving country. I even found a crusty cheese stick one time. I guess I need to let go of my perfectionist self when I create.

Do you have issues when you are creating? Check out the rest of the post here.
PS - The artwork in the photo was done by my kids. They had fun painting the canvases. I think they are such a great examples of getting things right.
They laugh as they work.
They make friends easily.
They get over being hurt very fast.

Floppy flowers.

I have been a little obsessed with J Crew lately. I got their catalog and I just love it! They designs are amazing. I love how they put colors togethor in such unique ways. I am really loving their floppy flowers. They have all these beautiful flowers on shirts, belts, shoes, and headbands.

I still have been meaning to make the headbands from Design Mom. Oh, by the way check out her photo shoot of her family by Candice Stringham. Seriously it is sooooo cute! I love how they are dressed! Check out the how they propped it with cupcakes too!

So I saw this on Katie Did. She has a tutorial on how to make these floppy flowers. It is super easy. I am totally going to make them. I am going to try to make a J Crew inspired belt. I got a Shade dress for Mothers Day. I love it! I saw it a while ago and emailed my husband with the link. I didn't think he was getting it because I never saw a package. He was in Salt Lake a few days before and bought it there. I was totally suprised! It is a super comfotable dress too. I think it would take the dress up a notch by having a flower belt. I am going to make some headband for my girls too. I will let you guys know how it turns out. Let me know if you make them!

Layout for Designer Digitals.

I have been having so much fun over there. They have some great freebies! I downloaded some Ali E tags that are super cute. Here is a layout I did for a website challenge. This is the inspiration:

I love this! Here is my layout based off it. My style less cluttered so I simplified it. I love the grungy feel of it. I am so happy because it is a multi photo layout and it is a major event! For some reason those are totally had for me.

I hope you guys have a great weekend!

This is better than doughnuts.

It really is! KI has just release a bunch of their papers in a digital format! Ya! They even have some Elsie stuff. That is a serious dream of mine!

Designer digitals is having their big sale this weekend. Everything is marked down 30%! They are chatting all day long and giving away a bunch of freebies! Ali Edwards has all her digital stuff over there. They have a bunch of other fabulous stuff. Check out their cute freebies. I will defiantly be there on Saturday.

Heres some layouts.

Well we have been super busy like usual. Does it ever slow down? Here was our week.

swim lessons

hubby got back from youth conference on Saturday afternoon

colored eggs with kids

couldn't do a hunt because it was going to rain

went to bed early because we were so tired (hubby didn't sleep well in a tent)


kids loved the goodies in their baskets

went to church

Easter egg hunt



PTA Meeting

Dr appt


Kindergarten registration (my 3rd is going this fall, that will leave me with one at home and it will be weird)

This seems like the standard for us. Tommorrow we are renting a movie and having pizza. :)

Here are a couple of layouts I did this week. Crystal has a great digi freebie for April! Go check it out! I used that and a few of her other things too.

Have a good weekend!

Multi photo layout.

My husband is going next week to his Grandma's 90th birthday party in Maryland. He is taken the girls with him. They are so excited to go see their grandparents. I will just have the boys at home so it should be ok. I usually do a project each time Scott leaves just to keep me busy and make the time go by fast. I have to figure out my project soon! I actually have a huge list of things to do around the house to keep me busy while I am not able to work out for 6 weeks. I love working out as much as I love scrapbooking. I love the post work out good feeling. I have to channel that into something else. I did organize my sewing bin last week. I probably won't do that again for 10 more years. :)

Here is a layout I did for Grandma. I am going to frame it. It a multi photo layout that I did based off of Ali D template. It is a free template so go on over and download it. I love the whole layout so I just lifted it. I love the clean lines! Thanks Ali!

I think one of the hardest things about multi photo layouts is making sure they don't look like a train wreck. Ali's layout has nice clean lines that maintain order. Another hard part of putting lots of photo's on a page is that the focal point is lost. I love that she made one picture bigger then the rest which helps with that.

The Daily Digi.

I meant to post this last week but we had a seriously crazy week. I had surgery on Friday. It went really well. Just things I needed to take care of for a while. I should have a better quality of life now :) So the whole week I wanted to make sure I got the house in order and then guess what? I found lice in my 7 year olds hair! We got it 2 times last year. This is our 3rd time. I do not wish lice on my worst enemy! She cried so hard when I bagged up her stuffed animals. Onto a happier topic :)

One of my favorite blogs is the Daily Digi. It has tutorials, designers, and just cute stuff. I went there the other day and Janet was talking about sharpening images for the web. I guess the web softens images after uploading it. I had no idea I needed to sharpen my images! Does anyone do this? I was thinking it is a good idea for paper scrappers too. It is super easy too. Click on the link and she will show you exactly how to do it. Ok, I am going to try it, here goes:



It is very subtle. I think on this layout I notice it the most on the journaling and title. I do like how it kind of cleaned it up. Here it is on a photo.



After another sharpening
I thought it wasn't quite there so I unsharped it again by pumping up the radius to 1.8. I think it makes a big difference. This is what the picture looks like in real life. Maybe one size fits all will not always work but now that I know what it is suppose to look like I can adjust it pretty easily.
We took this on our trip to Seattle (just my husband and I). I love this sculpture!