I love Ali Edwards blog! The other day she had a post about creative fear. I had never thought of it like that. Here is a little of what she said:

What are we afraid of in our creative lives?

1. Messing up.
2. Thinking this is the one and only chance to tell this story so it simply must be perfect.
3. People not appreciating what we create.
4. Being seen as selfish or extravagant for indulging yourself in your creative endeavor.
5. Not getting anything done.

I totally feel like I have to get it perfect! I defiantly want to be a perfectionist. I gave up being a perfectionist mother a while ago. I was going nuts! I realized that my house will never be really clean or even somewhat clean. Someones hair is going to be messy no matter if I fixed it or we totally don't have time to check out each kid before they walk out the door. I never wanted to have a messy kid in public! I realized that my van will usually be another source of food storage because there are always snacks and crumbs in there enough to feed a starving country. I even found a crusty cheese stick one time. I guess I need to let go of my perfectionist self when I create.

Do you have issues when you are creating? Check out the rest of the post here.
PS - The artwork in the photo was done by my kids. They had fun painting the canvases. I think they are such a great examples of getting things right.
They laugh as they work.
They make friends easily.
They get over being hurt very fast.


Claude said...

Oh, what a great idea to have the kids paint on the canvas! I'm totally doing that for my living room, thanks for the idea!

mean mom productions said...

Maybe we need to all take a clue from your kids.

Pamela said...

Love what your kids did! And great post, I will have to check out Ali's blog. TFS!

Suz said...

Great colors. I love the art

Audrey said...

love that you have their work hanging up like this -- I think that is SO important!

Stacey Michaud said...

I love the art! and appreciate the words because sometimes I question myself too! Thanks for sharing!

Lisa Meyer said...

I love that they did it! So cute!!

Anonymous said...

We need more Courtney! Where have you been?

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Trainer Momma said...

I LOVE that your kids did that art work. Easy, great idea. One that even I -- as artistically UNinclined as I am -- can pull up!

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