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I meant to post this last week but we had a seriously crazy week. I had surgery on Friday. It went really well. Just things I needed to take care of for a while. I should have a better quality of life now :) So the whole week I wanted to make sure I got the house in order and then guess what? I found lice in my 7 year olds hair! We got it 2 times last year. This is our 3rd time. I do not wish lice on my worst enemy! She cried so hard when I bagged up her stuffed animals. Onto a happier topic :)

One of my favorite blogs is the Daily Digi. It has tutorials, designers, and just cute stuff. I went there the other day and Janet was talking about sharpening images for the web. I guess the web softens images after uploading it. I had no idea I needed to sharpen my images! Does anyone do this? I was thinking it is a good idea for paper scrappers too. It is super easy too. Click on the link and she will show you exactly how to do it. Ok, I am going to try it, here goes:



It is very subtle. I think on this layout I notice it the most on the journaling and title. I do like how it kind of cleaned it up. Here it is on a photo.



After another sharpening
I thought it wasn't quite there so I unsharped it again by pumping up the radius to 1.8. I think it makes a big difference. This is what the picture looks like in real life. Maybe one size fits all will not always work but now that I know what it is suppose to look like I can adjust it pretty easily.
We took this on our trip to Seattle (just my husband and I). I love this sculpture!


mean mom productions said...

Cool sharpening...hope you feel better after your surgery.

Stefanie Eskander said...

I've heard about sharpening for the web, but haven't tried it yet. You are inspiring me!

Anonymous said...

That is so so so very cool!

Audrey said...

Janet's site is a great one to visit. So is Oh -- and I love the look of your new bedroom. Really beautiful!

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