Color Schemes.

I love color! I go through these phases where I am in love with certain colors. Right now I love yellow! In the summer I loved it nice and buttery bright. The fall has made me love a deeper more golden yellow. I love finding great color schemes for scrapbook layouts, clothes, or whatever.

One of my favorite scrapbook sites is 2 Peas in a Bucket. This is a fantastic site. They have amazing designers and bunch of message boards. 2 Peas has a digital scrapbook challenge each week. This week is a color challenge. They are putting togethor grey, light blue, and red. I love their challenges because it gets me to actually scrapbook! They have lots of other challenges too. Here is a link to their challenge this week.

I found this other great color scheme on accident last week. I bought this fabulous yellow :) sweater. At the store I found this super cute navy blue headband. Well I took it out of the bag and put them both down. I looked at it I was like that is so cute togethor. I did not buy them thinking I would wear them togethor. I love when good accidents happen! Here they are:

Here was another great color scheme that I found from Real Simple. I love this magazine! I have gotten it for years and I just love it. Their covers are stunning. The are like pieces of art because their color schemes are so perfect. Well there are other things that make their covers works of art like they always have great movement, the pictures are fabulous, I really could go on and on. There have seriously mastered the art of amazing color schemes. Here is the recent issue:

I love brown with yellow or blue but to add them all togethor, that is great! Here is a layout I did based off that.


Maran said...

It's so much fun when you find new color schemes that go together! I love the blue with the yellow. It's great. I totally understand about going through phases with colors. Right now I'm into lime green and brown together with a little cream. It sound wierd, but I swear it works! In fact, I'm looking for nice lime green pillows for my living room.

Mary-Laure said...

I really like that super bold clash of colors, it works GREAT. I love yellow, it's sheer joy.

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