I love going over to 2 Peas and finding fun new stuff. Here is one of their new kits by Danielle Thompson. Isn't it so crazy cute! I just love how fun and bright her stuff is. It makes me really happy. I was totally inspired by her and I did a layout with some of her goodies.

I have noticed as I look at layouts, art work, and magazine covers that there is a common element that helps to make great art. It is having direction. As I look at the piece of art my eye is directed through the piece by elements, or a line, or the same color repeating in various places. There is a flow that occurs that leads my eye around the page. When I am doing a layout and having a hard time with it this is one of the elements that is usually out of balance. I was creating this layout and I put the picture on it and then I got the idea to frame it out with these cute fruit strips. I realized that there was a vertical line going on and that I should just go with that. So I put the other papers in strips above the cute little fruit. I didn't want the journaling to distract from the lines so I just put it on the paper to make it all flow. I had actually envisioned something else when I started the layout. That happens a lot but I just try to go with it.

Ok, here is a fabulous quote that I found in my planner (I finally entered the planner world and I love it).

"The artist is not a special kind of person, rather, each person is a special kind of artist." Coomaraswamy

I love that! I look around and see so many beautiful works of art and I think that I will never be so talented. This helps me remember not to compare myself with others. Each person can create a beautiful thing and it can be as simple as making someone laugh.


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