I do love Target.

I think I need help. I love Target so much. There has got to be a Target Annyomous group for people who are obsessed with it. So last month I decided to stop going to Target because I wanted to see how much money I would save. I didn't think I was that obsessed until I looked at our account and realized how a little here and there can add up. I think I went 1 time in Januray to get some diapers. I seriously heard angels singing as I walked in the door. There were so many beautiful things! And the were clearancing out their home decor section! Of coarse I was in withdrawel so I really wanted to find something. I found some amazing wall paper. My project for the last year or so has been to make over my master bedroom, it has been a slow process :) . It has just been a dumping ground for kids stuff. It just looks junky. I got these 2 huge pieces of wood that have rounded outside corners. I did this finish on them that didn't turn out quite like I was thinking. This wallpaper could totally fix the situation. And it was half off! I will post a final picture when I get the boards up. PS, if you have never wallpapered don't attempt to do it by yourself or on the day your husband is finally getting home from a business trip, very stressful.

Here is another reason to love Target, Orla Kiely. I love her stuff! So colorful and modern, yummy! I also have an obession with pears. I love the lines and the color. She has a bunch of funky pear stuff.


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