Why I love digital scrapbooking.

I really love digital scrapbooking! It really has changed my life. I think I will bear my testimony of it. Here you go:

1. There is no mess! This possibly could be the best part! I think I have enough messes in my home that I don't need another mess, especially one that I make on top of the other messes that my kids make. Who needs that pressure to clean up one more thing! I also hate losing my scissors under mountains of scraps and embellishments. Seriously!

2. No Glue. For some reason I always run out of adhesive. Or I am in the middle of a super creative moment and my little adhesive pully thing (gosh it has been a long time since I have scrapped because I can't even remember the name of the thing) doesn't go any more. Who wants to run to Micheals then?

3. Everything is a free for all. I love being able to transform any embellishment into something else. I can change the color, the size, and how transparent it is. I can move it around on my layout until I am really happy. When I paper scrap it is really hard to move sticky things around a lot. Sometimes when a layout doesn't work I make embellishments bigger or smaller. I would have to spend a lot of money to have that flexiblity with paper. Here is a layout that I did where I did make the brush (its a stamp but in photoshop lingo it is called a brush) super big. I also made it gray to fit in with the color scheme. I don't think I could find a big gray bird in the paper world, but even if I did, by the time I ordered it I would seriously be over the layout. I would have moved on with my life!

4. Everything is reusable. Unlike before when I ran out of a letter sticker I would seriously cry. I love that when I download a kit I can change the color of the paper to whatever I want it to be. This makes the kit so flexible that it can go with anything. I can use the paper a million times if I want to.

I know that digital scrapbooking can change your life too. I have seen it work miracles in my life and my family. It has helped me over come the trial of messiness and adhesive despair. It can work miracles in your life too. Have faith that it can change your life. Remember who you are and who you can become with Photoshop. (said with tears and sobbing)

I thought it would be fun to post some tutorials so be looking out for that


mary said...

I'm looking forward to seeing more! I don't scrapbook but it's always interested me.

Dionne said...

I have only digital scrapbooked once. I see the benefits - taking out all my embellishments and paper each time takes sooo long. I might get more into the digi-scrap thing too.

Lisa Meyer said...

Love it!!

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