Mega Blog.

Ok, I have found the mother of all blogs. Wow! This one is amazing. I was on her sight yesterday and she had a giveaway for 3 $500 gift cards to Apple. Get this, there were over 16,000 comments! Her name is Dee and her site is called Pioneer Woman . She is a photographer and her picures are beautiful. She has some fabulous tips for all you Photoshop people!

She also cooks, decorates, and homeschools her 4 kids. Dee never expected to be a Mom of 4 on a ranch. Isn't that how life works! I have to remember that. I really like plans and schedules and I get stressed without them. I need to remember that unplanned things turn out great too. Look at this picture: (I think I really want her hair color, hmm i might ask my stylist for that)

Oh, House of 3 has a free blog header that is so cute! I am really into yellow lately. It is under the freebie section at the top of their site.


Maran said...

I love this header! It's perfect for my blog. I went to the site, but I'm not sure how to download it. Well, actually, I downloaded it, but I don't know how to apply it to my blog! I'm so computer illiterate! Thanks for sharing!

mean mom productions said...

Oh my love the photography. the hair color is to die for. I would love to have the pretty color myself.

Mike and Lindsey said...

LOVE Pioneer Woman!! She is my hero!!!

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