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I decided a long time ago that I was going to try to be better at sending our Grandma's cards. Our Grandpas all have passed and I know the Grandmas must be lonely. I just get so caught up with other things that I totally forget people who don't read blogs or have email. So I thought maybe every other month I could update them and send pictures. I think this seems like a reasonable goal, huh? Then I was at Target and I saw cute cards at the 1$ spot, which is another ingenious plan of some marketer at Target to get me to spend more money even though I think I am just spending a dollar. Well I have run out of those cards, I should have spent another dollar and gotten another pack :) .

I have been wanting to design some cards that I could sent over to Winkflash. They are having a sale now on their cards and prints. I love a good sale! I made some designs so now I just have to upload them and wait for my package to come.

Oh, I love cards that don't have a message on the front. I always run out of birhday cards but then I only have thank you cards. I can try and rig it but really. Plus I like cards being like little peices of art. It makes me happy.


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love the cards

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